Working Lands Equipment Rental Program

The Taos Land Trust believes that working, healthy landscapes support healthy, vibrant communities. 

 Many landowners and farmers in the Taos area do not have access to affordable agricultural equipment. This keeps many people who would like to grow food and restore their landscapes from doing so. 

Thanks to support from several community-minded Taoseños, in 2020, we created the Working Lands Equipment Rental Program to provide specialized farming equipment to local growers at an affordable price. We offer equipment rental on a sliding scale fee. 

Taos Land Trust manages our own Rio Fernando Park following healthy soils principles and regenerative agriculture. Our team of experts are available to advise local growers on soil health, regenerative agriculture, food security, invasive species mitigation, composting, and ecological restoration.

We recognize that our regions are dependent on one another through interconnected watersheds and relationships. By supporting our neighbors in adopting regenerative agricultural practice, we share in the broad vision of building a vibrant and self-sustaining community.

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Available Equipment

No-Till Seeder: Truax FLXII 88 (No-Till Native Grass Drill) 

Operators manual

No-till overview seeder downloadable PDF brochure

Why no-till?

Conservation tillage practices are becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Continuous no-till, in particular, is saving farmers time and money when compared to conventional till practices. In addition to the annual savings in fuel and labor investments, there are well-documented benefits for improving soil health. The benefits of no-till go beyond the savings on labor and fuel costs. They include:

  • Decreases soil erosion
  • Saves time and money
  • Builds organic matter
  • Conserves moisture
  • Supports biological diversity and activity in the soil
  • Produces economic gains for farmers over time

I&J Roller Crimper

The Cover Crop Roller’s purpose is to overcome the shortcomings of knocking down an existing cover crop and planting on no-till farms. Now, with a no-till planter attached to the back of the tractor and the Cover Crop Roller mounted to the front, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass! The blades’ rolling and crimping action will transform a vetch field, rye, or other cover crops into a thick, weed-suppressing mulch. Many conventional farmers recognize no-till farming benefits and move to organic farming with this step saving tool. 

  • Cover crop management without herbicides or tillage
  • Mulching effects and barrier attributes of the cover crop maximized
  • Rolling and compressing improve the weed suppression of the cover crop
  • Reduction of water evaporation from the soil

TARTER 4′ Rotary Cutter (Round Back)

Operator’s Manual

Tarter’s 3-Point rear attached cutter is designed to cut grass, stalks, and light brush. The sleek round back is ideal for mowing in tight corners. This product is designed for 25-45 PTO horsepower tractors at 540 RPM PTO speed only. The deck is constructed of 14 gauge steel and also features a stump jumper blade pan with heavy-duty, 3″ heat-treated forged blades. The rear wheel is puncture resistant and the cutter features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat yellow finish.

Brush Mower – DR Field and Brush Mower  Pro 26 (10.5 HP)

Operator’s Manual 

Lightweight but rugged, the PRO 26 has the power for cutting the thickest field grass and clearing brush and saplings up to 2″ thick. Self-driven with three speeds.

Boomless Sprayer: Kings 3 Point Hitch BoomlessSprayer 150 Gal PTO


  • 150-gallon premium grade polyethylene tank
  • Hypro 7560C 8-roller pump is capable of 12gpm at 300psi

This three-point hitch model sprayer quickly and easily attaches to a three-point hitch on a tractor or some utility vehicles. This feature adds incredible versatility and portability to an otherwise heavy object. This sprayer is ideal for spraying small acreage. The lightweight and rugged frame is easily positioned onto the three-point hitch by a single person. A boomless nozzle allows the user to spray in tight areas where a spraying boom couldn’t go. It also allows the user to spray laterally as well as straight down. These boomless nozzles are electrically controlled and are entirely independent of each other, being able to spray at both different pressures and separately or simultaneously.


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